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How to monitor the losses of a vending machine

Understanding how to monitor the losses of a vending machine is not a trivial matter. According to Confida data (2019) alone, more than 820,000 vending machines are installed in Italy, most of which dispense hot and cold drinks. Our country surpasses France, which has 611,000 vending machines, and Germany (593,000).

In Italy in 2019 this machines produced almost 4.9 billion dispensings.

Monitoring the consumption of vending machines is the first step to ensure their economic and environmental sustainability.

Why you need to monitor a vending machine water leaks

Monitoring any water leaks of a vending machine is important to avoid high water consumption and the related expense in the bill.

Furthermore, indirectly, careful monitoring of the water consumption of the vending machines also makes it possible to prevent or limit the damage that could derive from an undetected leak.

Above all, monitoring the water consumption of a vending machine is the first step towards greater sustainability.

In times of particular attention to environmental issues, even the automatic distribution sector has to deal with ecology, and with the increasingly widespread environmental awareness of people.

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How does it work

The ELTEK Appliance WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK devices are the ideal tools to monitor any leaks in a vending machine, through a systemic control of the equipment and monitoring of the water flow.

The devices are installed between the water tap and the supply pipe of the vending machine. Both devices are set to allow the passage of a certain nominal volume of water (5 – 50 liters for WATERBLOCK, 2 – 200 liters for E-WATERBLOCK).

If the water exceeds the preset value, the devices immediately stop its flow. It allows you to reduce the losses and costs that it might cause. Indirectly, by blocking the flow, the mechanical WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK help prevent possible water damage in the rooms that house the vending machine.

To restore the water flow, just perform a new manual setting, simply by operating the lever of the reset accessory.

Unlike the mechanical WATERBLOCK device, the E-WATERBLOCK has a dedicated APP, which can be activated via Bluetooth near the vending machine. Through the APP it is possible to connect directly to the device, configure and monitor its status and access data on water consumption for a period up to the previous 12 months.

Monitoring the losses of a vending machine through this systemic control is the best way to avoid wasting a precious and increasingly restricted resource such as water, and also to prevent an increase in water costs.


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