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How to stop a water leak

Knowing how to stop a water leak is important for many reasons.

First of all, timely detection and intervention help us to avoid an unwanted and unexpected increase in bill costs, as well as potentially serious damage. Furthermore, not wasting water resources also has an ethical value in a world where blue gold is less and less accessible for many people. It is no coincidence that the UN 2030 Agenda dedicated the sixth of its 17 objectives to water (Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation facilities for all).

In Italy, the most serious water leak depends on infrastructures: more than 41% of the drinking water introduced into the distribution networks is lost before reaching its destination (Istat, 2019).

But also at the civil and domestic level there can be problems. So it is crucial to understand how to stop a water leak.

The first step to stop water leaks is to be able to detect them. In fact, they can be evident or hidden.

An obvious water leak may affect exposed pipes or taps, and are clearly highlighted by the wet traces they leave on the wall or floor.

The hidden ones, on the other hand, are not detectable directly externally. They can be caused by a break in the systems and pipes that force you to dig or crack the concrete to detect and repair them.

An unjustified increase in consumption in the bill can be the signal of a hidden water leak. The best way to detect and stop it is to install a water flow monitoring system, which can detect and promptly report any anomaly.

Systems to stop water leaks

ELTEK Appliance has designed the WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK systems precisely to detect any water anomalies and stop water leaks by blocking the flow as quickly and efficiently as possible, if necessary.

Both WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK are easily installed between the water tap and the dispenser supply pipe, and set for the transit of a certain nominal volume of water:

  • between 5 and 50 liters for WATERBLOCK
  • between 2 and 200 liters for E-WATERBLOCK.

If the preset value is exceeded, both devices immediately stop the flow, stopping the water leak. To restore WATERBLOCK, you need to perform a new manual setting with the proper reset accessory. You do not necessarily have to unscrew the valve inlet pipe.

The E-WATERBLOCK safety device represents a further evolution compared to the WATERBLOCK model. In fact, it is combined with an APP that works near the device, via bluetooth.

Thanks to the APP, it is possible to connect directly to E-WATERBLOCK, configure it, monitor its status and also have access to data relating to water consumption in the last 12 months.

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