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Water-saving devices for wellness and fitness centres

Water-saving devices for wellness and fitness centres are crucial for reducing water consumption and limiting the risk of wastage.

In addition to the risk of damage during the regular opening times of these facilities, the danger of a water system failure, when rooms remain unattended, can become the cause of

  • wasted water;
  • high bills;
  • structural damage.

So, while water-saving policies are increasingly active in preservation of water resources, it is becoming more and more urgent for private, public and commercial activities to update to new requirements to reduce consumption.

By 2030, global water demand is expected to be 40% higher. The UN’s Agenda 2030 is reacting to this with a large number of global goals that focus on ‘Water for Sustainable Development’.

Also under this incitement, ELTEK Appliances designs and produces water-saving devices for private and public environments, including wellness centres and gyms.

These are leak detectors and water blockers for gyms, SPAs and wellness centres. Eltek devices are able to detect anomalies in the water supply and stop the flow before water damages the spaces and causes excess water consumption.

Depending on your needs and on the characteristics of your water network and premises, you can choose the best solution from:

which in wellness centres and gyms can be installed on:

  • showers;
  • vending machines for hot, cold drinks and coffee;
  • ice dispensers;
  • water purifiers and filters;
  • atomisers.

Among these three water-saving devices, we want to focus on E-WATERBLOCK to find out how to use it and what advantages it offers, especially on water purifiers and sprayers, widely used in gyms and SPAs.

E-waterblock for water purifiers

E-WATERBLOCK is a saving device suitable for water purifiers in fitness centres, wellness centres, SPAs for safe management of water use.

Purifiers in wellness centres are fundamental to guarantee the healthiness of the water consumed. They purify tap water, from which they remove chlorine and other chemicals, so that it tastes better. Purifiers are, in fact, equipped with a filter that removes impurities, allowing you to drink clean and healthy water that maintains the body’s balance.

Added to this is the fact that this solution reduces the consumption of plastic bottles and water itself, such a precious and limited resource.

Since the importance of saving water and reducing waste is more important today than ever before, each of us, in our own small way, can do something by changing our daily behaviour, taking care of our health and the one of our planet.

Water-saving devices support this policy of controlling water consumption. They have the function of detecting leaks and, in the event it occurs, they are able to stop the water flow before incurring any risk of simple and small leaks on the floor, the presence of mould, bad odours or dangerous infiltrations.

Thanks to water-saving devices, water purifiers can prevent any criticality due to the water system, always offering an excellent service to customers, with a low environmental impact.

The E-WATERBLOCK device, installed upstream of the water system, can handle high water ratings, between 2 and 200 litres.

This smart safety device measures the amount of water in transit. If this quantity overcome the volume of water which has been pre set, the water-saving device immediately and mechanically stops the water flow.

It can be controlled remotely via APP by a Bluetooth connection. The APP, which can be set up according to individual needs, monitors consumption and can also provide a summary of a year’s history. Among many advantages, it offers the possibility of controlling several devices at the same time, making it easier for those who have to manage several systems even in different locations.

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E-waterblock for sprayers

E-WATERBLOCK also works effectively on sprayers.

These cooling systems are reliable allies against muggy weather, as they lower the temperature without wetting and keep insects away.

A water misting cooling system, in fact, transforms water into very fine micro particles, refreshing external areas of the houses, like dehors and verandas

The water, sprayed in droplets less than 10 microns in size , extracts heat from the environment where the device is located and lowers the temperature down to a maximum of 10 degrees.

The consumption of a spray system is generally very low with minimal costs, especially if compared to its benefits. However, if there is some fault in the water system or in the pipes that bring water to the sprayer, the damage can be extensive, leading to high unnecessary bills and exposing to the risk of costly repairs.

Also in this case, the E-WATERBLOCK water-saving device from ELTEK Appliances is able to block the water when anomalies occur, preventing any damage to gyms and wellness centres.

Its APP use makes it particularly useful for anyone managing multiple facilities in the wellness sector. With a few simple actions via APP, they can control their sports or SPA facilities from wherever they are.

The excellent cost-benefit ratio offered by E-WATERBLOCK devices fits perfectly with the simultaneous need to safeguard water resources and limit consumption. Thanks to ELTEK devices, the gym, wellness centre or SPA can be managed safely while continuing to offer its customers a high-quality service and maximum care.


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