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Preventing water leaks in Wellness Centres

It is possible to prevent water leaks in Wellness Centres by using water-saving devices applied to the systems of:

  • bathrooms and showers;
  • water purifiers;
  • nebulisers;
  • beverage vending machines.

We are talking about water saving devices designed and produced by ELTEK Appliances, which, applied upstream of the water system, make wellness centres, SPAs and gyms safe from the risk of possible flooding with consequent damage to floors and walls.

Eltek devices are real leak detectors able to block the flow and prevent any criticality in the water system, guaranteeing a complete service and low environmental impact.

The causes

The causes of water leaks in wellness centres can be many:

  • water mains malfunctions
  • equipment failures;
  • damaged water supply pipes;
  • leaks at taps;
  • faulty connections;
  • old boilers;
  • old pipes;
  • pipes and ducts subjected to thermal stress;
  • clogged drains.

Preventing water network malfunctions is the safest way to avoid unforeseen expenses. In fact, they can cause breakdowns in the systems of toilets, nebulisers, water purifiers and vending machines. Faults and leaks can also be caused by old pipes or faulty connections to machines, and generally by poor maintenance of the plumbing system.

Such a problem can show itself in a clear and sudden way or with small leaks. In the latter case, the damage appears evident in time. Only by monitoring bills it is possible to detect an increase in expenses as a consequence. But imagine if such a breakdown occurs in a wellness centre or SPA during closing days. When reopening, we may find flooded and badly damaged rooms.

Hence the importance of equipping every wellness centre with water-saving devices capable of detecting and preventing possible problems.

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The equipment involved

The equipment involved can be pipes, boilers, sprayers, water purifiers and vending machines. To prevent problems inside the premises, they must be regularly maintained, especially considering the frequent wear and tear in highly frequented places such as health clubs and gyms.

It is the continuous use that weakens the pipes, taps become loosen to the point of continuous dripping, and it is not uncommon for drains to clog. Added to this is the build-up of limescale, which makes systems even more fragile.

Tools to prevent water leaks

Luckily, there are tools to prevent water leaks. They are also useful to keep consumption under control. These are devices designed, manufactured and distributed by ELTEK Appliances.

These building automation devices can be used in SPAs, wellness centres, gyms, collective and domestic environments, with the aim of reducing the risk of damage, minimising waste and containing consumption.

Their ability to detect anomalies in the water supply and to stop the flow of water as soon as any anomaly occurs, protects environments from possible risks of water damage.

Depending on individual needs, you can choose the most suitable tool:

  • WATERBLOCK, blocks the flow in the event of a water flow malfunction;
  • ANTI-LIMESCALE WATERBLOCK, thanks to powerful magnets, counteracts the action of limescale, preventing it from settling on pipe walls and various components;
  • E-WATERBLOCK, an intelligent device, also allows remote monitoring and access to the consumption history of the last 12 months.

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