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Outdoor water saving devices

Outdoor water-saving devices are becoming increasingly popular, both for outdoor taps and irrigation systems.

Designers and architects are paying more and more attention to water and energy conservation. As a result, manufacturers are developing innovative water-saving devices that help to save money while protecting the environment.

From here comes the design and production of the E-WATERBLOCK by ELTEK Appliances, a device designed to control the flow of water and stop it in the event of supply anomalies.

This water-saving device makes it possible to:

  • reduce consumption;
  • contain water expenses;
  • preserve water resources.

E-WATERBLOCK for outdoor taps

The E-WATERBLOCK is a water-saving device that allows you to quickly and easily reduce water consumption from outdoor taps. Installed upstream of the water connection, it allows you to control the flow of water passing through the pipes before reaching the tap.

This device is able to monitor the nominal volume of the liquid and stop the flow when some anomaly occurs. This is how E-WATERBLOCK helps prevent risk of flooding and damage to rooms.

Its ability to detect even small variations in the normal water flow means that even minor leaks can be identified. It is hardly possible to be aware of small faults until we receive an unexpectedly high bill. Thanks to E-WATERBLOCK and other water-saving devices from ELTEK Appliances, it is possible to intervene even before facing high consumption bills.

In addition, E-WATERBLOCK is also equipped with an APP that allows you to remotely monitor the regular operation of the system, even on several facilities. In addition, the APP allows access to a 12-month history.

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E-WATERBLOCK for irrigation systems

E-WATERBLOCK devices are also suitable for irrigation systems. They detect anomalies in the water supply and block its flow before problems such as excessive water consumption or damage to structures occur.

Their action is even more important in outdoor environments, where control is not always possible and damage due to leaks or water system failures often become evident when it is too late.

Compared to the devices of the same line, WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK stands out for its more sophisticated operation, which can be managed through a simple and intuitive APP, allowing remote control of several devices in different locations.

Easy to install, it must be placed between the tap and the water inlet of the irrigation system to be controlled. You can do it by yourself, without the need for professionals, special equipment or electrical connections.

With ELTEK’s water saving devices, detecting leaks and blocking the water flow is an immediate action that allows you to preserve outdoor environments, such as home gardens, vegetable gardens, green areas, campsites and playgrounds, in total safety.

Moreover, their contribution to water savings makes them an indispensable tool in any public or private facility that aims to respect this precious resource and the environment in general, as well as paying obvious attention to the management of consumption.


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