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Water-saving devices for beverage and water vending machines

Water saving devices for beverage vending machines are the answer to a growing need for water saving without any compromises.

There is no doubt that the health and balance of our body requires an appropriate amount of fluids during the day, and for this reason, offices and companies are generally equipped with vending machines for dispensing drinks.

These vending machines have characteristics which are partly contrasting with the environmental protection. While beverage vending machines allow for less waste of water and a clear reduction in the use of plastic, on the other hand they are constantly exposed to the risk of malfunctioning, which can generate significant waste caused by the failure of water supply systems and compromise the safety of the environments in which they are placed. So, ELTEK produces water-saving devices to be combined with beverage vending machines to avoid the risk of leaks and flooding caused by system failures.

What it is about?

To prevent the risk of water damage caused by beverage dispensers, ELTEK Appliance has introduced high-tech devices to the market:


As we have said, beverage dispensers are an advantageous solution for water distribution. The vending machine drinking water has a reduced cost compared to mineral water, because it comes from the water supply network. But while this is an obvious advantage, it can also be a source of risk due to possible damage to the water supply system.

A broken pipe and an abnormal supply can:

  • fail the dispensing machine;
  • create flooding;
  • generate mould and moisture.

Moreover, it must be considered that these machines are generally located in workplaces and public places sometimes destined to be without checking.This is the case of offices, shops, public buildings that are subject to days of inactivity, remaining unattended and exposed to the risk of any problem. From a leaky tap to a worn-out pipe, the causes of malfunctioning can be many, with significant consequences for adjacent spaces.

But the imperative not to waste such an important and limited resource as water and to control water costs has pushed the industry towards innovative building automation solutions.

These are water-saving devices that can be used in both domestic and public environments.


  • reduce waste;
  • reduce the risk of damage to buildings;
  • limit consumption

These water-saving mechanical anti-flooding devices are able to detect anomalies in the water supply and stop the water flow before any excessive consumption and possible damage to buildings occurs.

They are designed to stop the water flow if it exceeds the nominal volume of water set during the setting phase. In this way they avoid excess water consumption, related economic consequences, and the risk of damage from seepage, flooding, and humidity that would lead to major and expensive repair work.

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The operation of these devices is very simple. ELTEK’s first WATERBLOCK patent dates back to the 1980s with the innovative mechanical anti-flooding device that could detect anomalies in the water flow and stop it if necessary.

Since 2015, WATERBLOCK has acquired even more advanced features, thanks to the E-WATERBLOCK electronic system. This is an intelligent water leak detector, which allows timely monitoring at any time via a dedicated APP. Also via the APP, it is possible to block the flow at any time remotely to prevent damage and access the consumption history of the last 12 months.

The simple installation of the saving device upstream of the water connection and the setting of the nominal volume of water that must flow through the supply pipes are enough to be certain of the protection of the environments in which the vending machines are installed and to prevent the risk of extraordinary expenses in the bill.

It is important to consider that not only large faults can cause major damage, but also small leaks (in example, a minor damage to a pipe, resulting in a seemingly insignificant drip). Over time, this small malfunctioning can cause major damage, such as damp stains, musty smells and seepage, which at some point will require demanding intervention from a practical and economic point of view.


The advantages of adopting these water-saving devices in beverage vending machines are many and concern both the practical aspect of proper service operation and the need to protect the environment

Let us not underestimate the fact that beverage dispensers not only in Italy but in countries such as France and Germany occupy a large share of the market. Therefore, they risk having a strong impact not only in the economy, but also on an environment that is affected by waste and inappropriate consumption.

Water save devices for beverage distributors can be designed in an eco-friendly way thanks to a proposal from Eltek world aligning the needs of a planet in search for safe balance.

As Il Sole 24 Ore reports in a piece of 2021, Industry 4.0 demands machines always connected, prevention devices that foresee anomalies and other functions that fulfil the user’s needs while protecting resources.

In these terms, flow-saving and mechanical blocking devices allow us to benefit from all the advantages of modern distribution, without any compromises and in a totally safe environment.


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