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Preventing water leaks in the fitness centre

Preventing water leaks in the fitness centre is possible by using water-saving devices applied directly to the systems of:

  • toilets and showers;
  • sprayers;
  • water purifiers;
  • vending machines.

With the water saving devices of ELTEK Appliances, fitness and wellness centres or SPAs are protected from any risk of flooding or damage to floors and walls caused by water leaks. They operate as leak detectors and water blockers, thanks to which even the slightest criticality in the water circuit can be prevented, guaranteeing a safe and environmentally friendly service.

The causes

The causes of water leaks in fitness and wellness centres are various.

They may depend on the malfunctions in the water mains, which in turn create faults in the systems of toilets and showers, sprayers, water purifiers and various hot, cold or coffee vending machines that are normally available to the public.

It is not uncommon that damage is caused by:

  • old or damaged water supply pipes, or faulty connections to the wall or machine connection;
  • pipes and seals of old boilers;
  • pipes subjected to great thermal stress due to cold temperatures;
  • clogged drains in showers, washbasins and toilets;
  • old drain pipes.

Leakage from a dripping faucet causes several damages. We have to consider that 100 drops falling in one minute corresponds to more than 4000 litres of water per year, needlessly wasted. If this kind of damage occurs in a gym during closing days or it happens in an unnoticed way with small continuous leaks, the only way to detect the fault becomes the arrival of the first bill, when it would be much better to be able to prevent it.

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The involved equipment

The involved equipment such as pipes, boilers, vending machines, sprayers, and water purifiers must be constantly maintained, but sometimes even their care is not enough.

Especially public toilets of gyms and SPAs are exposed to constant stress. Therefore, it is not uncommon that pipes over time reveal visible signs of wear and tear, that taps have small losses, apparently insignificant and that drains begin to not always work perfectly.

Limescale build-up also corrupts systems, which gradually become more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, damage to systems is not always easy to detect and prevent, except when it is too late and it shows up in the form of a hefty bill or more or less significant water leaks.

Instruments to prevent leaks

ELTEK Appliance designs, manufactures and distributes instruments to prevent leaks:

These building automation devices allow you to prevent water leaks while keeping water costs under control.

They can be used in both domestic and public environments such as gyms and are able to:

  • avoid wastage;
  • reduce the risk of damage to premises;
  • limit consumption.

They are water-saving mechanical anti-flooding devices, able to detect anomalies in the water supply and stop the water flow before excessive consumption and possible damage to the premises occurs.

WATERBLOCK, set to a specific nominal flow, blocks the flow if an anomaly is detected.

WATERBLOCK ANTI-LIMESCALE works by counteracting the action of limescale with powerful magnets that modify the physical characteristics of limescale crystals, preventing residue from settling on the walls of pipes and various components.

Finally, E-WATERBLOCK, a smart device to prevent water leaks, also allows remote monitoring via APP and access to the consumption history of the last 12 months.


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