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Water-saving devices for coffee machines

The use of water-saving devices in coffee machines is becoming increasingly popular in order to prevent high costs and damage to the premises. In fact, the presence of vending machines in public premises, companies, shops, gyms and all public use environments is increasing.

Confida, the Italian Association for Automatic Vending and the European Vending & Coffee Service Association (EVA) provide us with data on significant numbers of coffee and beverage vending machines in Italy and Europe. Here only France and Germany follow our country. We are talking about more than 4 million vending machines, 2.5 million hot beverages dispensed per year at an average of 180 users per machine, with an annual turnover of around 16 billion euros.

Of these, coffee and hot drink vending machines are the majority, predominantly coffee ones. According to the latest Covid-19 pre-pandemic estimates, Italians alone consumed 2.7 billion coffees at vending machines.

Such a turnover, which revolves around a product connected to the water network, exposes our society to an increasing risk of unnecessary water consumption, which is not exclusively functional for the operation of the dispensers.

These coffee and hot drink dispensers can be an aggravating leak risk for two reasons:

  • limescale build-up compromises their operation and the regular flow of water in the set nominal volumes;
  • mechanical failure, e.g. of connection pipes, can lead to leaks.

Coffee vending machines placed in these public and work spaces cannot be constantly monitored. On closing days, for example, the premises are exposed to the risk of coffee machines malfunctioning. In the event of a breakdown and leakage, they remain in operation, risking:

  • damage to the premises;
  • wasting water;
  • increasing costs in the bill.

It should be emphasised that one of the main causes of coffee machine malfunctioning is the accumulation of limescale, which by depositing itself inside the pipes alters the water transit.

For these reasons, coffee vending machines can be equipped with water-saving devices capable of blocking the flow at the first anomaly.

What it is about

WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK are the devices designed, produced and distributed by ELTEK Appliance.

The WATERBLOCK systems are an already widespread solution in the world of vending machines, chosen for their ability to block any water leaks in coffee vending machines, guaranteeing the safety of the spaces in which they are placed, saving resources and consumption.

ELTEK has produced a smart version of its first mechanical device. It’s E-WATERBLOCK, capable of handling larger nominal volumes of water and of being controlled remotely with a Bluetooth connection via APP. The app is fully configurable and controllable, and is also able to monitor consumption by reviewing a year’s history. It allows multiple devices to be controlled at the same time, facilitating those who need to manage several machines even in different locations.

These two devices, suitable for all types of vending machines, ice dispensers and any water-powered appliance, are of paramount importance when applied to public coffee machines.

Upon recognising anomalies in the water flow, they automatically intervene by interrupting it. In this way they prevent the risk of flooding and surprises in the bill, by saving the precious blue gold.

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These water-saving devices base their operation on the systemic control of the machine. It means the dispensers are monitored together with the water supply that feeds them. Installed upstream of the water connection, they monitor the passage of the set nominal volume of water and stop the flow in the event of anomalies such as an increase in the volume passing through.

The water-saving devices WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK are designed to:

  • allow the transit of a preset nominal volume of water;
  • interrupt the water flow when it exceeds the preset value;
  • re-establish water transit and regular operation of the coffee and beverage machine via the reset lever, when the water supply fault is resolved.

Easily installed between the water tap and the machine’s supply pipe, they have a mechanical operation and guarantee service even when the electricity fails. They operate as a first-generation valve that stops water faults quickly and effectively, preventing water damage and excessive consumption.

E-WATERBLOCK, on the other hand, is proposed as a latest-generation device in which mechanics and electronics work together to guarantee maximum timeliness in blocking it. Remote control via a dedicated APP allows immediate detection of possible faults and intervention before damage occurs.


The advantages offered by ELTEK Appliances revolve around the possibility of having machines for the automatic distribution of hot drinks and more, always being protected from the risk of water leaks, flooding and increased consumption.

Thanks to them, it is possible to accurately monitor water consumption, even accessing a report for the last 12 months. From their trend it is possible to detect any water leaks as soon as possible, before they have decisive consequences such as:

  • humidity and healthiness of the building;
  • flooding;
  • increased bills;
  • ecological damage.

For these reasons, they represent an uncompromising, cost-saving solution for using the vending machines and guaranteeing water savings and safety.


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