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How to stop the water flow of a vending machine

In this article we will see how to stop the water flow of a vending machine. This operation may be necessary in case of leaks and consequent anomalous consumption, in order to avoid water waste, increased costs and even possible physical damage to the rooms in which the distributor is located.

In Italy there are more than 826,000 vending machines, both in public places and in private companies. In 2019, these machines provided little less than 5 billion hot or cold food and drinks (Confida data, 2019).

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced disbursements between 2020 and 2021, but the numbers are still considerable. Therefore, monitoring the electricity and water consumption of vending machines is crucial to ensure their efficiency and sustainability.

Why do you have to stop the water flow of vending machines

Regarding the water consumption of the vending machines, it is important to know when it is necessary to stop their water flow. In particular, it is important to carry out an accurate control of the flows and a timely detection of any leaks.

Due to the presence of leaks it may be necessary to stop the water flow in a vending machine.

Stopping the water flow is necessary for:

  • preventing possible damages from water to the machine itself or to the rooms in which it is installed;
  • avoiding an increase in costs in the bill;
  • not wasting a precious and increasingly restricted resource such as water.

ELTEK Appliance has designed effective tools for the systemic control of vending machines and the monitoring of water supply. They allow you to intervene promptly and activate the blocking of the water flow in a vending machine.

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Solutions to stop the water flow in a vending machine

Among the solutions to stop the water flow in a vending machine ELTEK Appliance offers:

  • the WATERBLOCK mechanical device, also in the anti-limescale version;
  • the mechanical / electronic device E-WATERBLOCK, with dedicated APP.

Both devices measure the amount of water in transit to the vending machine. The nominal volume of the fluid is set in advance on the device itself, and is included in a range:

  • between 5 and 50 liters for WATERBLOCK;
  • between 2 and 200 liters for E-WATERBLOCK.

If the flow exceeds the set value, the safety device immediately stops the water flow mechanically.

Thanks to this operation it is possible to minimize the losses and the increased costs that could derive from it. Indirectly, by blocking the flow, the ELTEK Appliance devices also contribute to the prevention of water damage to the premises where the vending machine is located.

To restart the water flow after a stop, simply perform a new manual setting. The procedure is simplified by the special reset accessory, which does not require you to unscrew the inlet pipe. Just operate a lever to restore normal operation of the safety device.

Access to information via APP is a feature that makes E-WATERBLOCK particularly suitable for vending machines located in places such as companies and offices, which can remain empty for shorter or longer periods of time.

Thanks to the APP it is possible to connect via Bluetooth to the device, configure it, monitor its status, and if necessary access data relating to water consumption in the previous 12 months.


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