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Water-saving devices for water purifiers

Water purifiers should be equipped with water-saving devices. The installation of these devices is recommended for both domestic and public use.

Water purifiers play an increasingly important role in our society. They guarantee the healthiness of the water we consume and have a strong ecological impact as they can reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.

Water purifiers make it possible to exploit this precious resource in the most complete way.

Purifiers purify tap water by removing chlorine and other chemicals, making it healthier and giving it a better taste. Thanks to a filter that removes impurities, they allow people to benefit from water to keep their bodies healthy.

Although extremely useful, water purifiers can be dangerous for the environment in which they are placed. Just a fault in the water system is enough to cause leaks, consequent damage and related expenses both on the bill and for repairs. This is why water purifiers must be equipped with water-saving devices that can detect faults and allow effective and timely intervention. In addition to their practical utility, water-saving devices also play an important role in water-saving policy. Indeed, the ability to reduce waste is also crucial for environmental purposes.

What is it about?

Water saving devices act as leak detectors and operate by blocking the water flow in case of anomalies.

They are advanced tools, designed, manufactured and distributed by ELTEK Appliances. They are used both in domestic and collective environments, such as gyms, wellness centres, clubs, sport facilities, the HO.RE.CA sector, and in every other place in which particular attention is paid to service and the safe ratio between quality of life and environmental impact.

According to the needs and characteristics of the water network and the use of the premises in which the purifiers are located, it is possible to choose among three different solutions:

WATERBLOCK detects anomalies in the water system and stops the water flow in the event of a fault.

Finally, E-WATERBLOCK is the smart device that allows remote monitoring of water purifiers via a dedicated APP. It also allows access to the consumption history of the last 12 months.

The choice among the three depends on the nominal volume of water to be monitored, the characteristics of the water itself and the possible need for remote control of the water-saving device.

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As we have said, these water-saving devices in water purifiers act by monitoring the nominal flow inside the pipes. As soon as anomalies are detected, they act by blocking the flow of water.

In this way, they drastically reduce the risk of:

  • water wastage
  • unexpected expenses in bills;
  • damage to the environment.

They are also used at home and in all facilities for collective use. In particular these latter are often subject to days of inactivity, during which rooms remain unattended, with an increased risk of damage due to a failure of the water system.


ELTEK Appliances’ water-saving devices bring many advantages.

First of all, the practicality of having equipment that can detect possible faults in the water system. Thanks to it, they can prevent any structural damage to the home or premises where water purifiers are installed.

At the same time, they allow saving money, as they are able to keep even the smallest leaks under control, which over time would have a considerable impact on consumption costs.

Last but not least, these devices are able to safeguard water resources, responding to all environmental policies, aligning with Agenda 2030 and its goal of a more sustainable development.


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