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Mechanical anti-flooding: what it is, how it works and the advantages

In this article, we will discover the mechanical anti-flooding device. We will understand what it is, how it works and which are the advantages it offers.

Eltek has developed the first mechanical anti-flooding apparatus in the eighties, by patenting the WATERBLOCK system, which is able to detect any anomalies in the water flow and, if necessary, to block it.

The first generation WATERBLOCK device evolved into ANTI-SCALE WATERBLOCK. Thanks to the presence of powerful magnets, it creates a magnetic field that modifies the physical characteristics of the limestone crystals and prevents pipes and gaskets from scale.

Since 2015 the characteristics of WATERBLOCK have been enhanced by creating E-WATERBLOCK, a smart leak detector and water block, that allows you to constantly monitor the water flow also thanks to its App.

Mechanical anti-flooding: what it is

A mechanical anti-flooding device has the task of blocking the water flow as quickly and efficiently as possible, in case it exceeds the volume of liquid indicated in the setting phase.

Timely detection of anomalies in the water flow and its shutdown allows to avoid excessive water consumption, with a consequent economic impact, and also reduce the possibility of suffering damage from humidity, infiltrations, flooding, which would further increase costs and could require long and complex repair work.

A mechanical anti-flooding device lends itself to various applications, both in the home and in the company or in contexts open to the public such as restaurants, gyms, hospitals, etc.

It can be installed, for example, near dishwashers, washing machines, irrigation systems, coffee, beverage and ice dispensers, giving valuable support to the reduction of water waste and more sustainable management of this increasingly precious resource.

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How mechanical anti-flooding works

First of all, a mechanical anti-flooding device monitors the water quantity in transit. WATERBLOCK works with volumes between 5 and 50 litres. The device is equipped with measurement notches to set the maximum water quantity that has to flow.

Water drives the system. If the water volume exceeds the set value, the mechanical anti-flooding device immediately stops the flow. In order to restart, it is necessary to intervene with a manual reset.

Among the accessories for WATERBLOCK there is also a special reset tool. This simple mechanical device allows the user to restart the WATERBLOCK without necessarily having to disassemble the water pipe. By activating the plunger you restore normal functions.

The WATERBLOCK mechanical anti-flooding device can also be equipped with a limescale inhibitor. Thanks to it, WATERBLOCK is able to protect the water system from the accumulation of limestone, and at the same time detects the regular flow of water.

By creating a magnetic field, WATERBLOCK ANTI-SCALE transforms the limestone molecules into non-aggregated powder, easy to excrete. In this way, the deposit of calcifications in the pipes and parts of the equipment in contact with water (for example any gaskets) is prevented, ensuring durability and safety.

The advantages

One of the main advantages of a mechanical anti-flooding device is no-stop service. In fact, this type of device does not need to be powered by electricity. It is activated and/or blocked by the flow itself, which has been set in advance.

This guarantees the operation of this water flow measurement and control system even without electricity, as for example, it could occur during a blackout.

Easy installation, setting and resetting is one of the many advantages. Furthermore, WATERBLOCK combines the extreme reliability that characterizes mechanical anti-flooding devices with a practically unlimited duration. In fact, it can easily overcome the transit of over 300,000 litres of water.

The latest generation E-WATERBLOCK mechanical anti-flooding device also allows continuous monitoring through the app, ensuring a very rapid possibility of intervention even in temporarily empty rooms, such as many offices during the weekend.

Finally, one of the main advantages of installing a device of this type should not be forgotten. It is able to prevent excessive water consumption, with the related economic burden, and possible damage from water leaks, infiltrations and floods.


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