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Preventing water leaks in the garden

Preventing water leaks in the garden is possible thanks to the use of water-saving devices for outdoor areas.

These systems can be applied to both outdoor taps and irrigation systems.

In fact, since architects and designers’ attention to water conservation in outdoor solutions is increasing, innovative water-saving and environmentally friendly devices are born in line with this new demand.

From this need comes the production of the WATERBLOCK line of ELTEK Appliance, that are devices created to prevent leaks, controlling the water flow and blocking it in the event of supply anomalies, both in the garden and inside buildings.

Thanks to this water-saving device it is possible to:

  • save on water consumption;
  • prevent damage to outdoor environments;
  • preserve water resources.

Let’s find out together the main causes of water leaks in the garden, what devices they involve and how to prevent them.

The causes

Water leaks in the garden can be caused by a number of factors. Here are some of the possible causes:

  • faulty connections;
  • old pipes and seals;
  • severe thermal stress on pipes caused by cold temperatures;
  • clogged drains.

Pipes can become disconnected or damaged by earthquakes, landslides or simply through wear and tear or accidental damage. It is also not uncommon that weeds growing around pipes ruin them or that a faulty pump can cause water leaks. It is possible to intervene and prevent damage by using the right equipment.

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The equipment involved

The equipment involved in water leaks in the garden can be various, from water mains malfunctions to faults in water supply systems, such as:

  • taps;
  • garden showers;
  • sprayers against the summer heat;
  • fish tanks;
  • swimming pools;
  • jacuzzis;
  • fire hydrants;
  • irrigation systems.

It should be stressed that small leaks become visible when they have caused damage that can be repaired at the cost of large bills and expensive repairs.

In terms of consumption, we must consider that even a hundred drops falling in one minute corresponds to over 4000 Litres per year. This is enough to get an idea of how much damage not preventing water leaks in the garden can cause, even from an economic point of view.

Tools to prevent them

WATERBLOCK,  E-WATERBLOCK are tools designed to prevent water leaks in the garden.

These devices designed, manufactured and distributed by ELTEK Appliance are a popular solution for their ability to stop water leaks inside and outside buildings, such as in the garden, guaranteeing the safety of the environment and saving resources and consumption.

Simply install WATERBLOCK upstream of the garden water supply system to prevent water damage, ensuring that the flow is controlled and stopped in case of anomalies in the set nominal value.

E-WATERBLOCK, unlike the first two, is a smart device that allows remote monitoring at any time via APP. Through the application it is also possible to access the consumption history of the last 12 months.


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