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Solutions to prevent water leaks

The search for solutions to prevent water leaks in any type of building (residential, commercial, school, etc.) is essential to avoid an increase in water costs as well as the waste of a precious and increasingly less accessible resource.

It is also useful to avoid damages from infiltration and flooding due to failure in detecting the leaks themselves.

The most insidious water leaks are the hidden ones. They are difficult to identify, often due to breakages in underground, buried or embedded water systems. They can persist for a long time before being identified, and may require the breaking of the concrete part to bring to light the involved pipes. The consequences can be significant, both in terms of costs and for the safety of the building.

The best solution to prevent water leaks is undoubtedly the monitoring of the rooms (for obvious water leaks) and water consumption (especially to detect any hidden leaks). In fact an anomalous growth in water consumption is the first indicator of an ongoing loss.

Precisely to allow rapid intervention in case of leaks, ELTEK Appliance has developed a range of WATERBLOCK safety devices. These are intelligent tools capable of detecting any irregularity in the flow of water and, if necessary, blocking it.

Solutions for the kitchen

The WATERBLOCK devices are also used in the home. In this context, many of the leaks are caused by household appliances. When the leak happens in the kitchen, the dishwasher could be the cause.

The best solution to prevent water leaks in the kitchen is to install a WATERBLOCK safety device between the water tap and the dishwasher supply pipe. The device is set to pass a nominal volume of water between 5 and 50 liters, and block the flow if the volume overcomes this range.

In this way it is possible to avoid the risk of excessive consumption and prevent water damages caused by a late intervention.

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Solutions for the washing machine

Even the washing machine is often the cause of water leaks that can have significant consequences. The WATERBLOCK device is applicable also in this case, in the same way as for the dishwasher.

Solutions for water treatment

The leak detectors and blockage of the water flow developed by ELTEK Appliance can also be applied to the water treatment system, making the house safe from any leaks, flooding and excessive water consumption.

Saving on bills, avoiding wasting water and preventing possible water damages is one way to make our homes more efficient, safer and even more sustainable.

The WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK safety devices are an excellent solution to prevent water leaks in this case too.

Solutions for vending machines

Beverage vending machines that are located in public or private contexts often cause water leaks. Among the most effective solutions to prevent them is undoubtedly the E-WATERBLOCK safety device designed by ELTEK Appliance.

The ability to access information on the water flow via APP (which works when bluetooth is activated, near the device), makes E-WATERBLOCK ideal for installation in environments that can remain empty for shorter or longer periods of time, for example on weekends.

Solutions for refrigerators with water and ice dispensers

The American-style refrigerator has recently spread to Italy. Equipped with a water and ice dispenser, placed directly on one of the doors, it must be connected to the water supply of the home.

Therefore, the advantage of being able to use fresh water and ice without having to open the fridge is accompanied by the risk of leaks in the event of incorrect installation or damage to the components.

Also in this case, the WATERBLOCK, WATERBLOCK Anti-limescale and E-WATERBLOCK safety devices are the best solutions to prevent water leaks, block the flow in case of anomalies and avoid unpleasant consequences in the bill.


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