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Water-saving devices for ice vending machines

Water saving devices for ice vending machines represent an optimal solution that meets small human needs and sustainability.

We take into consideration that ice vending machines are becoming increasingly popular in the market, representing a rather important resource.

These are dispensing machines that attract users with an innovative product. They automatically dispense bags of ready-made ice.

Particularly profitable for owners and convenient for buyers, they belong to a growing market with great potential. In coffee shops, pubs, campsites, car parks, car washes and in all places where ice can be used not only to cool a drink, but also to preserve perishable food.

However, it must be borne in mind that the use of ice, beverage or coffee vending machines has a major impact on consumption. And while we have a rather limited field of action with regard to electricity, we can intervene instead on water consumption.

To this purpose, ELTEK Appliances provides water-saving devices capable of blocking the flow of water in the event of system faults.

What is it all about?


They protect rooms from possible water damage and prevent the risk of overspending on unexpected consumption.

Although ice vending machines represent a profitable business opportunity, they can also expose the places where they are located to flooding risk. A malfunction or failure of the water supply system can cause:

  • flooding;
  • dampness;
  • moulds;
  • water wasting;
  • unforeseen expenses.

A broken pipe and an abnormal supply can:

  • fail the dispensing machine;
  • create flooding;
  • generate mould and moisture.

Let us not overlook the fact that these ice vending machines are mostly located in places that are not always monitored and controlled. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown, it is not always possible to intervene in a timely way, unless a control and safety system has already been provided.

Luckily, the need to avoid wasting the precious blue resource, which is already in such short supply, has prompted companies like ELTEK to develop innovative solutions to prevent and contain water damage.

These are:


These are mechanical anti-flooding devices for water saving. They are able to detect anomalies in the water supply and stop the flow before it damages the spaces where the machines are located and excess consumption occurs.

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These water-saving devices for ice vending machines work in a very simple way, albeit with very advanced building automation technology.

Positioned upstream of the system and set on nominal volumes according to the water transit required to operate, they are able to detect alterations in the water flow and stop it before it creates any malfunction and damage to the space where the machine is located.

This small investment allows to avoid unexpected water consumption and related economic impact due to damage repairs, infiltration, mould, etc.

The operation of these building automation devices is very simple and slightly differentiated according to the type of product.

WATERBLOCK is installed at the top of the inlet. Set with a specific nominal flow, it is able to detect any anomaly in the water supply before it reaches the ice dispenser. This is how the machine stops its operation before there is any damage to itself and the environment.

Finally, E-WATERBLOCK, an intelligent water-saving device, allows monitoring from anywhere and at any time via a dedicated APP. Through the APP it is also possible to block the flow and check the historical consumption of the last 12 months.


The advantages of adopting water-saving devices in ice dispensers are various and crucial in a historical period when priorities revolve around:

  • economic saving;
  • energy saving;
  • environmental protection.

Thanks to ELTEK’s devices, it is possible to prevent unnecessary costs due to small, seemingly insignificant leaks, but which in a short time generate significant charges on the bill. At the same time, a water-saving device also averts the risk of spending a lot on repairs due to damage caused by leaks and moisture.

Environmental sustainability is no less important. WATERBLOCK devices, in classic, anti-limescale and smart versions, contain the consumption of such an important resource as water, preventing abnormal quantities from being dispensed due to small or large breakdowns.

This simple action is related to the large number of vending machines, not only for ice, but also for drinks and coffee, which are present in Italy and in all countries where the economy is developed enough. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, 820,000 vending machines were installed in Italy only in 2021: a significant number considering the turnover these machines bring in and also the possible unexpected consumption they can cause in the event of malfunctioning.

Water-saving devices in ice dispensers can also be useful for monitoring household appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, fully fulfilling their role as sustainable automatic anti-flooding systems.


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