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Water-saving devices for outdoor taps

There are water-saving devices for outdoor taps that can help reduce water consumption and save money on your bill.

Increasing attention to the environment and the need for ever greater water savings have prompted manufacturers to develop innovative devices that can be applied directly to the tap, ensuring the regular flow of water and stopping it in case of faults.

Hence the ELTEK Group’s impulse to develop safety systems to guarantee safety and eco-sustainability for outdoor and indoor environments thanks to the WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK devices.

These outdoor water-saving devices are crucial.

Given that water is one of the most precious resources our planet offers, at this moment in history the environmental impact is forcing us to rethink many of our habits by taking effective measures to limit water consumption uncompromisingly. Therefore, special equipment is a step towards a significant ecological footprint.

In addition, containing waste reduces consumption on your bill and prevents damage caused by water leaks in outdoor areas.

These intelligent outdoor water-saving devices detect anomalies in the water supply and stop the water flow before wastage occurs.

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These outdoor water-saving devices operate very simply, yet with advanced automation technology.

Placed upstream of the system and calibrated to a nominal volume defined according to the required water flow, they detect changes in water flow before these can cause malfunction and damage to the outdoors.

These devices operate very simply and in a slightly different way from each other.

WATERBLOCK is installed upstream of the system and is able to detect water anomalies before they reach the outdoor terminal system.

Finally, E-WATERBLOCK, a smart water-saving device, can be monitored anytime and anywhere via a dedicated APP. You can also access the consumption history of the past 12 months via APP.


The advantages linked to the use of outdoor water-saving devices are many and crucial, considering that our priorities revolve around:

  • economic savings;
  • energy saving;
  • prevention of water damage;
  • environmental protection.

Thanks to ELTEK devices, you can avoid wasting money on small, seemingly insignificant leaks, which would soon lead to major expenses on your bill. At the same time, water-saving devices also eliminate the risk of costly repair problems due to leaks and moisture damage.

But environmental sustainability is equally important. ELTEK devices, in classical, anti-limescale and smart versions, help to reduce the consumption of critical resources such as water by preventing leaks due to small or large faults.

Thus, thanks to building automation devices, saving water becomes reality.


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