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Waterblock: features, operation and advantages

Waterblock: features, operation and advantages

The WATERBLOCK devices designed by ELTEK Appliance stand out for their features, operation and for the numerous advantages they offer on safety and saving of water.

They are smart tools. Thanks to their features, they are able to detect any irregularity in the flow of water and, if necessary, to block it.

In this way, they allow you to avoid overconsumption caused by an undetected leak and to reduce any damage that this could cause.

Any company, shop or business is aware of the advantages offered by the use of appropriate water measurement and control tools for:

  • water saving;
  • rational and sustainable use of resources;
  • prevention of flood damage.

WATERBLOCK operation finds application in all commercial and tertiary sectors, from hotels to offices and residential areas.

In fact, even in a domestic environment, it is possible to use flow measurement and control instruments. At home WATERBLOCK can be used, for example, to stop overconsumption in the presence of an undetected leak and indirectly reduce the risk of water damage caused by malfunctioning of washing machine or dishwasher and also by the irrigation system in the garden.

The devices designed by ELTEK Appliance to control and block the water flow are:

  • WATERBLOCK valve (first generation);
  • E-WATERBLOCK, with a dedicated App.

Let’s see below what are their features, operation and which advantages they offer.


Easy installation is one of the most common features among all the anti-flooding devices designed by ELTEK Appliance. It has to be installed between the water tap and the supply pipe (e.g. coffee and beverage dispenser or dishwasher). Operation is mechanical and does not require electrical power. Thanks to these features, it guarantees an uninterrupted service even in the absence of power. E-WATERBLOCK is an electronic device, which also does not require an electrical supply.

WATERBLOCK is a first generation device designed by ELTEK to block water anomalies as quickly and efficiently as possible, avoiding excessive consumption and damage. It is able to check the passage of a nominal volume of water ranging from 5 to 50 liters.

E-WATERBLOCK represents the evolution of previous devices. In fact, the WATERBLOCK functionality adds the ability to monitor the flow through a dedicated App.

One of the main features of E-WATERBLOCK is combining mechanics and electronics to ensure maximum efficiency in detecting flow anomalies and maximum safety in blocking it. If the flow monitoring detects anomalies, the device is able to communicate them directly via bluetooth to the App.

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Let’s discover the WATERBLOCK operation. As we have seen, it is a safety device that monitors a nominal water volume between 5 and 50 liters. It directly measures the amount of water passing through it, which has been previously set. If this value exceeds, WATERBLOCK immediately stops the flow.

To restore it, the user must perform a new manual setting. This procedure is simplified by the appropriate reset accessory. It allows you to reset WATERBLOCK without necessarily having to unscrew the inlet pipe. In fact, it is sufficient to press the lever to restore the normal functions of the WATERBLOCK.

E-WATERBLOCK in “always on” mode monitors a water flow set between 2 and 200 liters. Thanks to the combined App, it is possible to connect directly to the device, configure and monitor its status, and even access data relating to water consumption in the previous 12 months.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology it is possible to preserve the battery life (more than 3 years).

Accessibility to information via App is possible when Bluetooth is activated near the device. It is an operation that makes E-WATERBLOCK particularly suitable for installation in spaces that can remain empty for a certain time, such as companies and offices (i.e. during weekend). In this way, the possibility of rapid intervention is guaranteed, reducing the risk of losses and damage.


The possibility to stop water consumption in case of leak is one of the main advantages offered by any anti-flooding safety device. This also helps to avoid the economic burden that could result from it.

The advantages offered by all WATERBLOCK devices certainly include the simplicity and speed of installation between the tap and the water inlet of the equipment. Thanks to the special reset device, resetting following an interruption of the water flow does not cause any difficulties.

Furthermore, WATERBLOCK does not require an electrical supply. In fact, these are mechanical instruments that are activated by the flow of the liquid, therefore able to function perfectly even in the absence of power.

These devices offer extreme reliability, unlimited resistance and durability. They can overcome the flow of over 300,000 liters of water.

E-WATERBLOCK also offers the advantages of continuous monitoring through the App, ensuring a very rapid possibility of intervention even in temporarily empty rooms, as it happens for many companies and offices during the weekend.

According to the United Nations World Report on the Development of Water Resources 2021, “in 2018 the financial losses related to water recorded by companies reached 38.5 billion dollars”, or almost 33 billion euros.

Therefore, prevention is an excellent strategy to protect yourself from huge recovery costs, and ELTEK’s WATERBLOCK devices are excellent allies.


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