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E-WATERBLOCK: all features, applications and benefits

ELTEK Appliance E-WATERBLOCK is an intelligent water-saving device. It has features that make it suitable for multiple applications offering economic, energy and environmental benefits.

The smart device detects anomalies in the water supply and stops the flow of water before damage to the environment or excessive consumption occurs. 

It combines mechanics and electronics to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in preventing leaks and flooding. 

Installed upstream of the connection and configured, it operates autonomously, monitoring the status of the system and communicating any anomalies to its APP via Bluetooth.

Like every ELTEK device, E-WATERBLOCK boasts a positive impact on the consumer’s quality of life, guaranteeing:

  • environmental sustainability;
  • environmental safety;
  • energy saving.

E-WATERBLOCK features and versions

E-WATERBLOCK is an intelligent device that detects water leaks before damages to the environment happen or excessive water consumption occurs. It is a simple and efficient solution that also contributes to the household and business sustainability balance by controlling water waste.

Thanks to the automatic water flow blocking system, in case of anomalies E-WATERBLOCK preserves the environment and water resources, ensuring savings on bills.

Very easy to install the device. Simply place it upstream of the water connection, without any electrical connection. No tools or professional intervention is required.

E-WATERBLOCK allows you to monitor the status of your installations remotely and in several locations separately via APP. The practical APP operating via Bluetooth technology also allows viewing a consumption history of the last 12 months via the dashboard. 

In a perfect blend of design capability and technological vision, ELTEK has created a smart device with:

  1. mechanical leak blocking system before leaks occur;
  2. easy installation with direct connection to the pipe, without the need for professional equipment and assembly tools;
  3. smart technology for reporting any problems and monitoring consumption via dedicated APP; 
  4. management of different devices installed on different equipment.

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The applications of E-WATERBLOCK are manifold. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, it is useful for the systemic control of water, coffee, beverage or ice dispensers or water systems in airports, stations, offices, bars and restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, houses and outdoors such as gardens and irrigation systems.

The water-saving device constantly monitors environments where leaks could occur, and stops the water flow in the event of anomalies or faults.

Its role is crucial at a time when the water issue is central to our daily lives. In fact, the efforts of individuals and designers aim to preserve resources, particularly water, by studying innovative and functional solutions that free human beings from compromise.

Studies reveal that there is a deep gap in individual perceptions of water damage and the resulting problems. This is highlighted by insurance claims and a general lack of awareness of water waste.

Did you know that just 100 drops falling from a faulty tap in an hour corresponds to 4000 l of water in a year? Hence we understand the importance of timely intervention, as soon as the leak occurs and before it causes damage and financial losses.

E-WATERBLOCK intervenes by detecting micro leaks, pipe breaks and abnormal situations in water consumption. Whenever a flow anomaly occurs, the intelligent device closes the pipe.

In the case of a temporary anomaly assessed as non-hazardous, the user can reset the device by simply turning a lever to make it ready to protect rooms again. 

It requires no Internet connection or power supply, but uses Bluetooth technology to communicate wirelessly with the dedicated APP. Equipped with a built-in long-life battery, it guarantees operation for years with maximum reliability and protection from water damage. 

The Long Range system enables remote protection, allowing numerous installations to be monitored remotely, with rapid and targeted intervention in the event of anomalies. Relying on the LoRaWAN® transmission protocol, it also manages many devices interfaced to a single gateway connected to the Internet, at a distance of up to 15 km, without being affected by the interference of walls or building infrastructures, with low battery consumption at all times.

E-WATERBLOCK Long Range send all fault signals to the gateway which are visible on the ELTEK portal, from where it is possible to:

  • manage the devices associated with your account;
  • monitor the functionality of the systems;
  • plan maintenance operations;
  • check the history of the previous 12 months.

Why choose it?

E-WATERBLOCK is the optimal solution for protecting workspaces and public places where equipment that uses water is installed.

It makes it possible to monitor the good functioning of water systems even when rooms are left unattended during closure or inactivity days. All equipment is under control thanks to its status communication via APP so the risk of water damage is practically eliminated.

These smart water-saving devices, thanks to their increasingly sophisticated technology, offer an advanced service with easy operation aimed to:

  • saving water;
  • containment of expenses;
  • eco-sustainability;
  • safety.

E-WATERBLOCK shows how building automation has developed its performance over time by improving the livability, comfort and safety of every environment. Thanks to devices such as these, conserving water resources becomes a natural operation, which not only represents a step forward on the road to eco-sustainability, but is also a sure factor in saving on energy consumption costs.

In addition, making rooms safe from flooding reduces the risk of often costly maintenance work and ensures the healthiness of the spaces in which we spend our time.


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