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How to stop water leaks in the house

It may happen that you have to stop water leaks in your house.

The causes of water leaks in the home can be many, but all of them can cause damage to the building or appliances, extra costs in the bill, and sometimes even problems for the health and safety of those who live in the house.

A water leak in the house could be caused by:

  • breakage of heating system pipes;
  • wear of the seals of washing machines or dishwashers;
  • damaged welds;
  • damaged exhaust pipes,
  • and several other reasons.

Whether they are hidden leaks, or leaks made evident by stains, drips and water stagnation, the first step to stop water leaks in the house is to detect them as quickly as possible, in order to be able to intervene promptly.

Systems to stop water leaks in the house

ELTEK Appliance has developed some systems to stop water leaks in your house. They are measurement and control systems that help to promptly identify any anomalies in the water flow and stop the supply of water, preventing further material and economic damage:

These are mechanical devices that are set for the passage of a certain amount of water. If the volume of the liquid in transit exceeds the predetermined values, the device stops the flow, avoiding further losses.

They are extremely easy to install and are able to function even in the event of a blackout.

The WATERBLOCK device controls the passage of a nominal volume of water between 5 and 50 liters, and stops if the volume does not fall within this range. To restore the flow, simply reset it by pressing a lever. You do not need to unscrew the valve inlet pipe.

The E-WATERBLOCK safety device developed by ELTEK Appliance is a cutting-edge solution in the prevention of water leaks in the home. It is an intelligent device, which allows you to monitor a water flow set between 2 and 200 liters, detecting any anomaly in the water supply and blocking it before excessive consumption occurs.

Like the other ELTEK systems, E-WATERBLOCK is also installed above the water connection and does not require electricity or particular maintenance for its routine operation.

Compared to its predecessors, E-WATERBLOCK offers the great advantage of continuous monitoring through a dedicated APP, which communicates with the device via bluetooth.

Thanks to the APP it is possible to configure and monitor the status of E-WATERBLOCK, and access data relating to water consumption in the previous 12 months.

With ELTEK Appliance WATERBLOCK and E-WATERBLOCK devices it is possible to do real work of preventing domestic water waste, quickly stopping water leaks in the house and also helping to prevent damage that could derive from stagnation, dripping and breakage .

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