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Water-saving devices for sprayers

Water-saving devices for sprayers can effectively prevent breakdowns due to water system malfunctions, scaling and drain clogging, improving in addition the efficiency of the cooling system.

Indeed, water-saving devices are highly useful to reduce consumption and limit the risk of wastage, especially in environments such as gyms, wellness centres and SPAs, where atomisers are widely used, both to cool and to dispense medicines and substances healthy for the body.

By 2030, global demand for water is expected to increase by 40 per cent. In response, the UN’s Agenda 2030 is setting a series of goals focusing on ‘Water for Sustainable Development’. One of these goals is also met by ELTEK Appliances, which designs and manufactures water-saving devices for private and public environments, featuring water-powered systems, including sprayers.

What is it?

ELTEK Appliances offers three different devices for leak detection and water shutoff:


WATERBLOCK is designed to detect anomalies in the water system and interrupt the water flow before problems occur, for example damage to premises or excessive consumption. WATERBLOCK ANTI-LIMESCALE is used to protect water supply systems against build-up of limescale.

E-WATERBLOCK is the smart electronic version of WATERBLOCK, and can also be controlled remotely. It also offers the possibility to check the consumption history of the last 12 months.

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Before paying attention to the operation of these water-saving devices for sprayers, we must consider that the consumption of an atomising system is generally very low and the running costs are quite marginal. However, if there is a fault in the water system or in the pipes that supply water to the sprayer, the consequences can be big and lead to high and unnecessary bills. In addition, this could expose you to the risk of costly repairs, including damage to the premises.

ELTEK Appliances’ water-saving devices are able to stop the nominal water flow upstream of the system in the event of faults, preventing any damage to the rooms where the nebulizers are located.

E-WATERBLOCK allows operation via APP. This makes the device particularly useful for operators of multiple facilities, who can control all the premises remotely via APP.


Water-saving devices for sprayers offer multiple advantages:

  • control of water wastage;
  • monitoring of utility costs
  • prevention of possible damage to premises.

The high cost-benefit ratio of WATERBLOCK devices, combined with the simultaneous need to safeguard water resources and contain consumption, makes them perfect for facilities such as gyms and wellness centres. In fact, ELTEK systems enable these businesses to continue to offer their customers high quality service while maintaining safety and an ecological footprint.

These devices are designed to save water not only in sprayers, but also humidifiers and steamers.


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