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How to track water consumption in the companies

In this article we will see how to track the water consumption in the companies.

This operation is essential for:

  • identify any variations in consumption and identify the causes (e.g.: seasonality or production increase);
  • detect inefficiencies and losses;
  • reduce the risks (not only economic) deriving from interruptions in water supplies or from the increase in the cost of water;
  • identify water saving opportunities and set any consumption reduction targets.

Tracking the consumption of water in the company also means guaranteeing the possibility of reducing the related costs. For a company, the use of water often involves energy, labor and chemical costs, because greater water consumption may require more heating, pumping and water treatment.

For any company or business, tracking water consumption is an important step towards saving water, rationalizing resources and also preventing any water damage.

Water consumption in the company

Tracking water consumption in the company is necessary to have suitable measurement and control tools, even in a building automation context.

These tools collect on a regular basis the data relating to the total amount of water that the company withdraws from any source, for any use, during a given period, and that it uses during the processes that characterize its activity (for example production) as well as for building/sanitary use.

In this way it is possible to:

  • identify the water use model that characterizes the company;
  • identify potential inefficiencies.

This tracking of water use in the company is also important for establishing any water consumption reduction targets.

ELTEK Appliance has a range of measurement and control tools that can help track water consumption in the company, also detecting any anomalies. Among these devices we find:

  • flowmeters;
  • flow switches.

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Optimize consumption

Flow meters and flow switches also share the task of optimizing water consumption in the company.

The formers are devices that measure, by means of an impeller, the flow rate of water flowing in the hydraulic pipes. The ELTEK range offers flow meters:

  • axial type
  • radial type.

Both types can be produced in standalone versions, while only the axial ones can be integrated on solenoid valves.

Flow switches, on the other hand, are two-state devices (open or closed) that provide an electrical signal when a predefined water flow rate passes. They are not really tools for measurement but for control.

The ELTEK range also includes other useful tools for tracking and optimizing water consumption both in the companies and in the houses, in particular safety devices:

  • anti-flooding WATERBLOCK, which controls the passage of a nominal volume of water between 5 and 50 liters, blocking itself if the volume does not fall within this range;
  • E-WATERBLOCK, which combines mechanics and electronics, and is able to monitor the system status by communicating any anomalies via APP.

ELTEK Appliance is the ideal partner for companies that wish to track and optimize their water consumption.


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