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What are the causes of water leaks?

The causes of water leaks

The causes of water leaks in buildings can be different.

What they have in common is the risk of causing serious damage to the structures, causing significant economic losses, as well as problems for the health and safety of the people in those premises.

Whether it is obvious leaks (signaled by drips, stains on the walls or puddles of water on the floors) or hidden, promptly identifying the causes of water leaks allows you to intervene in a precise and effective way.

The measurement and control systems developed by ELTEK allow you to quickly highlight any anomalies in the water flow and block the water supply, to prevent further material and economic damage.

Here are some of the most common causes of water leaks.

Broken pipes in the heating system

Broken pipes in the heating system are one of the most frequent causes of water leaks.

In the presence of an underfloor heating system or if the broken pipes are not close to radiators, it may be difficult to detect it promptly.

However, one of the typical signs of rupture of the pipes is the boiler pressure drop. If we often have to refill water to restore the pressure in the heating system, it is likely that somewhere there is a broken pipe.

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Worn gaskets

In the home, worn gaskets are one of the most common causes of water leaks. Very often they affect taps, washing machines and dishwashers.

It can also happen that the leaks are localized in the toilet because the gaskets of the drain are worn and are no longer able to adhere properly and act as a diaphragm.

Ignoring a flush that leaks half a liter of water per minute means wasting more than 21,000 liters per month, with the associated costs. Therefore, as in all other cases, the timeliness of detection and intervention is crucial, even more so in contexts with many sanitary facilities (public places, companies, restaurants, gyms, etc.).

Damaged welds

A water leak can be caused even by pipes in poor condition, which have damaged welds. In this case, the rapid intervention of a plumber is essential not only to stop the flow but also to repair the toilet and sink, while we await the intervention of the specialist.

Whatever material the pipe is, damaged welds must be repaired immediately, even temporarily, by welding or replacing a gasket.

Damaged exhaust pipes

After almost ten years of life, the exhaust pipes can be damaged by wear.

A large part of civil construction in Italy is old or very old, with worn exhaust systems. Damaged, corroded or worn drain pipes sooner or later have to deal with water leaks.

An expert is able to assess whether it is possible to repair damaged exhaust pipes, or whether it is more sustainable to replace them completely.

Problems with connections, adapters and fittings

Among the causes of the most frequent water leaks, there are also problems related to connections, adapters and fittings.

These kinds of problems are often caused by improper installation or insufficient maintenance, and they are particularly common in the home.

Connections, adapters and fittings in poor condition can cause, for example, leaks from sanitary systems (bidet, sink, shower, etc.) or from irrigation systems.

Again, especially when dealing with hidden losses, neglecting the problem can lead to damage and huge costs. To prevent or limit them, an automatic water flow monitoring and control system certainly helps.


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